Introducing the pinnacle of innovation in mobile healthcare:
our state-of-the-art Mobile Medical-Spa, a bespoke Mercedes Benz 2500 Sprinter

Meticulously transformed into a hospital-grade medical sanctuary. With dimensions that exude spaciousness—170-inch wheelbase, 290-inch overall length, and a commanding height of 114.2 inches—this mobile unit is the epitome of medical excellence on wheels.

The interior, a generous 532.6 cubic feet of space, is designed with precision to foster a healing atmosphere. Every inch, from the 92.3-inch width to the 274.3-inch length, is optimized for superior medical functionality. The high roof at 114.2 inches ensures an uncramped, comfortable environment for both patient and practitioner.

State-of-the-art hospital LED lighting illuminates the path to wellness, while HEPA air filters and a sophisticated air conditioning system guarantee a sterile, temperate ambiance. The inclusion of hot and cold filtered water, a refrigerator calibrated for medical supplies, and a full-size examination bench enhances the operational readiness of this unit.

Patient comfort is paramount, with a serene, surround-sound system, a convenient bathroom, and the latest telemedicine capabilities. The interior, adorned with hospital-grade leather and vinyl tops, ensures ease of sanitation, complemented by strategically placed sanitary stations.

What truly sets this mobile med-spa apart is its commitment to sustainability. While the robust diesel engine propels the unit to its destination, upon arrival, a seamless transition to a silent, green-energy mode occurs. The integrated ion battery facility, powered by separate inverters, ensures that while you're caring for your patients, you're also caring for the planet.

This Mobile Medical-Spa isn't just a vehicle; it's a sanctuary of health, a symbol of medical innovation, and a testament to eco-consciousness. It's where cutting-edge technology meets compassionate care, all within the comfort of a space that moves with you. Embark on a journey of medical excellence with our Mobile Medical-Spa – where every destination is an opportunity to heal, renew, and inspire.

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